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In my opinion, you will like that the item includes this feature of cannon accessory attaches to mech or to vehicle. The iron Man toy dimensions are 12.01"H x 2.99"L x 9.02"W. It weighs approximately 0.56 lbs. For the greatest deal for this product along with other Iron Man toys, visit our store add to shopping cart button on this site.

Hasbro Iron Man Transformers - Jeep is packed with fun and action for kids. It features kid's favorite superhero. Age: 4 years and up FeaturesFeatures kids favorite superhero the Iron ManHas two modes hero mech mode and rough-and-tumble 4x4 car modeModes might be easily switchedCannon accessories easily attaches to both the modesHas an 'iron' suit that helps him during his fight to conserve the worldDouble trouble for enemies Why You'll Love It: The Iron Man can quickly transform to a high-speed jeep while facing his enemies; kids will probably be engaged for hours with him. The iron clad hero can fight the enemies hidden on high mountains and race them up in the road. This Jeep has two modes- mech mode and vehicle mode. These easily switchable modes could be utilized to fight the enemy of choice. Kids can enact a scene from the comic or the movie or create their personal scenes while they fight evil enemies and conserve USA from destruction.


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