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Marvel Iron Man Ultron Figure 6 Inches

Marvel Iron Man Ultron Figure 6 Inches
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Marvel Iron Man Ultron a great item manufactured by Hasbro Toys has to be your childs top new superhero! One of the several best features is the includes inside the armor vault, part 5 of 6. Other highlights include things like comes with head for iron monger figure and collect the entire iron monger series. Product Number A2514. It's dimensions are 12.01" Height x 2.76" Length x 7.52" Width. It weighs something like 0.42 lbs. marvel iron man ultron figure 6 inches . If you prefer a great deal for this iron Man toy for your kids, visit our partners via the link below.

This Ultron figure is more than a scary robot villain. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. He's got the super-powers of Hank Pym's scariest creation and he'll take down whatever gets in his way. He also comes with all the head of Iron Man's terrifying enemy, Iron Monger. Power up with your Ultron figure. Collect all the figures in the Iron Monger series (other figures sold separately) to collect the other parts and develop a full Iron Monger figure.


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