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Iron Man 3 Prime Deluxe Class Prowl Figure

Iron Man 3 Prime Deluxe Class Prowl Figure

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653569859871 is the UPC for this ideal product. One of the several key features for this toy is the swap parts from other assemblers figures (sold separately) for hundreds of combinations. Additional features include things like launching missile and head, arms and legs detach. The iron Man toy dimensions are 8.27"H x 2.01"L x 5.51"W. We want you to get the best price and service when purchasing a toy.

This armor's sonic camouflage technologies can capture and replicate any sound. Build the ultimate in Iron Man technology with this awesome Sonic Camo Iron Man figure! Unlike other Iron Man figures, his arms, legs and head detach and you can build more than 25 armor combinations! Swap parts from other Assemblers figures (sold separately) for even a lot more incredible battle customizations. He can also trigger a diversion, drawing out curious enemies who get blasted with his launching sidewinder missiles. This Sonic Camo Iron Man figure can take the bad guys by surprise with his stealth armor. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. Once he's in range he'll take them out employing a launching missile! Swap parts for hundreds of superhero combinations with all of the amazing Assemblers! Iron Man can disguise his presence as anything from a whisper-quiet warrior to a thundering advancing army.


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