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Iron Man 2 Movie 4 Inch Action Figure #02 Artillery Armor War Machine

2 Movie 4 Inch Action Figure 02 Artillery

Hasbro Toys

Package Quantity: 1

2 Movie 4 Inch Action Figure #02 Artillery , a great product from Hasbro Toys is really good fun to play with. 29099 is the manufacturer's number for this iron Man toy. The iron Man toy is 0.79"H x 3.94"L x 1.97"W and has got a weight of 0.17 lbs. Buying a 2 Movie 4 Inch Action Figure #02 Artillery . If you want a good deal on this iron Man toy for your kids, check out the add to shopping cart button.

Measuring 3. The War Machine armor comes into existence throughout Tony Stark â € TMs birthday party when a disgusted Rhodes utilizes a Mark II suit of armor to halt Iron Man â € TMs drunken antics. Succeeding in fighting Stark to a standstill, Rhodes commandeers the silver Mark II armor and makes the suit accessible for the overeager military. The armor is subsequently weaponized to capacity with hardware provided by Justin Hammer. 75 â € tall, each Iron Man 2 2011 Figure is accompanied by weapons and/or accessories, a display base, and three Armor Cards. The Iron Man 2 Figures 2011 Series 01: War Machine Mark II is colored in blue and silver, and is equipped with snap-on shoulder-situated cannons which fire missile projectiles.


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